Hey you beauty, may you tell us the whole story how you became an ABDL? From your childhood to now...? We would love to hear it.

sure ^^ I guess i always acted little since forever XD Even though im 19 and I look nothing like my age since im super short and my appearance makes me look like a 12 year old :/ I always kinda enjoyed being treated little. Like I said before the first time I started wearing diapers besides being a baby I was 9 years old. At the time my bother was a baby and I always wanted to try a diaper since me and my younger sister would put diapers on your stuff animals. One day I took a diaper and tried it in my room but im pretty sure it didnt fit on me :/ After that diaper werent on my mind till May of 2013 . I discovered abdl though tumblr (which was my old blog lunawolfheart) For my experience I had two daddies in my life. My first daddy realtionship last for a little more then 3 months I believe and my 2nd daddy Im still dating which is almost a year in October ^^. So far I feel like I experience everything i want to do as a baby girl like dipaers changes, bath time, bottle feeding and more >< but thats pretty much my experience of being an abdl XD